No support available for Matomo? Frustrated!

Pardon the rant, but the lack of support in this forum is apparent. These are all of my questions from the past year or so and every single one has been unanswered. I’ve tried offering money, I’ve answered other peoples questions. What is wrong here? We love free software, we would love to pay for help, we offer help back to the community.

Hi @fatica,

I can understand that not getting an answer can be frustrating. I have read every single of your questions, but as I don’t know a solution (I don’t have that much experience with ecommerce), I didn’t answer.

I agree that this is definitely an issue (even though it has improved since I started moderating a year ago).
Apparently many people who are experienced with Matomo don’t want to or can’t spend much time on helping others. And I can’t blame them as time is limited and beside studying, working, programming and other activities there isn’t that much time left to troubleshot more than 5 issues per day here on the forum. (And I won’t be able to spend 100 hours this year as I have done last year)

If you (or anyone else) has an idea on how to improve this situation, how to encourage people to be more active and help each others, I’m really open to implementing it.

After all I’d really love this forum to be an active place and everyone to be happy with Matomo.

PS: If you really need commercial support, you can always try contacting Innocraft

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Yes, I’d follow @Lukas here, gratis support from libre software is done on a voluntarily basis, and different software have different communities that are more or less willing to help without money.

Did you try to contract a professional service from Innocraft?

I think it is the best way to get a timely answer to any of your questions.

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Pricing starts at 15,900 EUR / 19,000 USD per year.

That’s great. But we’d need something in between free and 20K per year.

We’d love to pay someone to authoritatively answer these questions, but 20k / year isn’t appropriate for occaissional Q&A.

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