Matomo 3.5.0 released

We are proud to announce Matomo 3.5.0: a new major release of Matomo Analytics.

full changelog

What’s new?

Matomo 3.5.0 brings you many new Privacy tools to help bring compliance with GDPR regulations. For example you can now easily export, or delete, data for any visit or visitor. New tools were introduced to let you Anonymise old historical data (IP Address, replace User ID with a pseudonym, etc.), and for asking for user consent. You will also enjoy better security for example: Tracking codes will more often use HTTPS. And you can configure Matomo to connect to your database over SSL. Matomo performs also even better under high data processing load with several performance improvements.

-> And an important news: you can now enable the new GeoIp2 plugin in order to use the modern geolocation database. So we recommend if possible that you try the GeoIp2 geolocation driver for more accurate geolocation information. Since Geoip1 databases are not updated anymore, we recommend you try Geoip2 if possible.

Finally, we’ve made several Privacy-by-design improvements to our Tracker Proxy tool (useful to hide your Matomo URL when tracking many websites into the same Matomo instance), you can see the detailed improvements below.

186 tickets have been closed by more than 16 contributors!

After You Update

Database upgrade

This release does not contain any major database upgrade.

(However if you activate the new GeoIp2 plugin it will then trigger a database schema upgrade on the log_visit and log_dimension tables.)

Platform Changes

Matomo is an open analytics platform. In an effort to help Matomo developers learn about improvements and changes in the core APIs, we document the changes since the last release.

In this release there are New features, New APIs, breaking API changes. Read more in Platform Changelog for Developers to see all changes to the platform and APIs.

Note: the Marketplace showcases more than 74 plugins already compatible with Matomo 3 and this is just the beginning. Matomo is your universal data analytics platform!
New and updated SDKs (Tracking API Clients)

The Matomo team offers official SDKs (Tracking API Clients) for measuring your mobile apps and any other kind of apps.

Congratulations to the SDK maintainers and contributors for these great releases!

New guides:

New plugins by third party developers:

Need help upgrading Matomo?

Read the Updating Matomo user guide or for more help [contact the Matomo experts](http://Matomo 3.5.0).

after update PHP fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Piwik\Plugins\GeoIp2\GeoIp2 in /var/www/html/plugins/GeoIp2/GeoIp2.php on line 0


Check here:

Hi @all,

After update 3.4.0 > 3.5.0 White page after login

What is to be done?


Check your php error_log for the error.

But chances are high it is the same error as

Ok, thanks. The problem seems to be the change of the folder name. Old: /GeoIP2 New: /GeoIp2

I have to ask my administrator to delete the folder tomorrow. Hope that works then.


To be precise there is now a new GeoIp2 plugin.
But this means the old third-party “GeoIP2” plugin isn’t compatible anymore.

i tried to use automatic update and an error came up about mysql 200 server or something. then i downloaded the zip file, extracted it, and used FTP to upload the files.

now when i got to my /piwik/ URL it says: You don’t have permission to access the requested resource. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

how do i log back in and get my analytics back?

i think i fixed it. i copied the .htaccess file to main piwik folder and it was causing the error. i deleted and now i see upgrade page.

After the upgrade, client IP disappeared on the main dashboard. Is it supposed to be this way with the new GDPR regs? I thought I could opt for this only if I needed it… any help appreciated. no-ip-displayed

Hi @regor2

The removal doesn’t have anything to do with GDPR, but was just to save space.

What do need the (anonymized) visitor IP for when looking at the live dashboard?

You can still view the IP in the visitor log and the visitor profile.

Hi @Lukas,
I don’t need anything anonymized.
Yes, in the Visitor Log (but not in the visitor profile) I can see the IP.
How do I revert back to the way the Real-Time Visitor widget displayed the IPs before? I would do what it takes…


You can take a look at the pull request that changed the UI:

While you may don’t (but only if you don’t have cusomers in the EU), your visitors may don’t want their IP addreses stored non-anonymized.


I see, too bad this wasn’t in the changelog.
Thanks for all the work though!

I don’t have any visitors in the EU. This mostly on an intranet and I can tell clients location by the subnet.

Where do I start getting the clients IP back to where it was on the Widget?


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When will the IP be back in the dash board. That was the one important data to follow. How cares what language they speak or not?
How can I roll back to the previous version?

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The next version will include the IP-Address as a tooltip:

A rollback isn’t possible as there were huge database migrations, but you can check the Pull request that removed it:

BTW: This would be a great case for a Matomo plugin so that those who need the IP can still see it on the dashboard.