Custom report for Download analysis

Hi there

I am currently trying to create a custom report as I can’t find all the information that I need in the Download report under Behavior. My goal is to analyze how many downloads occurred on a landing page (event URL) and to see which document was downloaded (Event Action). The table should show the following information:
Landing Page URL > PDF title > Total amount of Downloads + unique Downloads

In the custom report I can combine the dimensions Event URL and Event action but I can’t select Downloads as metric.
In the Downloads report under Behaviour I can only see the Download URL + unique Downloads and Download number.

Does anyone know if and how I can combine and visualize this information?
I appreciate any suggestions.

I moves this topic in the Premium Features category as Custom report is a premium feature.

I think that some metrics are missing from Custom Reports as Total amount of downloads for example.

Also I think that some Dimensions are also missing as Download URL or Download title because in my opinion, Event action will probably not get the Download actions as it is not the same event type…

As Custom Reports is Premium feature, you can directly ask the customer service: [shop at innocraft dot com]

Then when it is fixed, don’t hesitate to post a message here :wink:

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