Downloads per Page

I would currently like to create a custom report that shows me the clicked downloads per page.
When I select Page URL as the first dimension, I cannot select Download URL as the second dimension.


I can select this as the normal dimension.


Has anyone successfully created such a report?

Hi @TomCz ,

Could you please get in touch with our Support team at

This doesn’t work unfortunately. You have to collect additional data via Custom Dimension. This can be cross referenced in 1st and 2nd dimensions then.

Can you include this metric in a Featrue request. I think it’s essential for many to see where which data is being downloaded

This is very strange, I can’t do it in English, but I can do it when I switch to French (Français), then create my report (URL De La page / URL De Téléchargement + URL’s TéléchargéesUnique) and switch back to English:

Hi all,
We have created an internal ticket regarding this, will update once one is provided

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