Show download file url AND page url on the same screen


when I go to event → event category → File Downloads, I can only see one data at once (the file url or the page url from which the user clicked on the file).

Is it possible to show on the same screen files url AND page url?

For example, if someone download the file “” from the page “” → I want to see 2 columns: “” AND “” on the same screen on matomo.

Is that possible?

Thanks a lot


Did you try to create a new custom report ? You need two dimensions, Page URL and the event category you mentionned.

Then it should create a table with two columns.


I did try to create a custom report with 2 columns and it only shows 1 column in the custom report.

I added 1 dimension (download url) and 1 custom action dimension (basically it’s a page url with regex) and it only shows the download urls, even though I tried the custom dimension on another custom report so I know the custom dimension is working.

I also tried with page url instead of my custom dimension and I don’t have any result, but maybe I did a mistake somewhere if it’s supposed to work