Visits per number of pages mistake

Hello, in the widget " Visits per number of pages" i have a mistake i two rows.

8-10 pages | 1
21+ pages | 1

For both of them, it’s a one-pager website with outgoing links. For both, each visitor has clicked many outgoing links. So it’s not a factual 8-10 or 21+ page visits.

The links have the attribute target="_blank".
The Tracking code have the matomo heartbeat with 5.

By 8-10 pages its factual 1 page visit and 7 outgoing links clicked.
By 21+ pages its factual 3 page visits (2 times page reload) and 19 outgoing links clicked.

The name “Visits per number of pages” is also not really correct. Unless, a browser tab switching is counted as a page visit.

Hi @melbao

I don’t exactly understand what you mean… If I track website A on Matomo, and one user browses on sites A and B on 2 different tabs of his browser at the same time, if he switches from tab A → tab B → tab A (without doing anything else on these pages) the visit duration will appear as 2 pages?
In this case do you know if this behavior (and also the other one described in your post) still occurs when Heartbeat Timer is disabled?

As the first part of your post really seems to be a bug, I suggest you create a bug in the GitHub repo:

Don’t forget to indicate the version of your Matomo, and if the behavior is the same with and without Heartbeat Timer enabled…

Yes. And in the observed cases with 2 different websites. A one of mine. B not one of mine.

The observations refer only to active Matomo Heartbeattimer. Tests with deactivation not possible.
Matomo 3.14.1

Presumably, the Matomo heartbeattimer works correctly, except that returning to the previously exited webpage is counted as a new page visit. After 30 minutes pause this would be correct. However, the time of the observed cases is less.

It would be to wait whether other users without Matomo-Heartbeattimer observe the same.

@heurteph-ei , the mistake is always present.

Yet, i have a proof. Matomo counts every page visit and don’t filter the visits of pages, that always visited. That’s not so good for my interessts. Better would be, when the visit of always visited pages are filtered. Then i can see, how many several pages are visited. That is closer to the Visits per number of pages like a Visits per number of several pages.

See also here, where i’m searched for the number of visited several pages in a time range.