Visits log error

Hi guys,
Last April, Matomo did not record the visit metrics correctly. After reviewing the code on the different websites, we did not find that the problem comes from its misuse. Anyone else has happened?

Here you have a screenshot of the visits registered in April.

While in March we had about 7,105 visits.

This has happened in all the pages that we are monitoring with Matomo.
Meanwhile, in Google Analytics the metrics are very different:
April: 4.364

That is the reason why we know that Matomo has not correctly registered the visits. The difference is abysmal.

Has it also happened to someone?


I am facing the same issue after upgrading to v4.2.1. Just logged Incorrect visitor data after upgrading to v4.2.1. Are you using the log analytics script by any chance?


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I’ve been reviewing and we still have version 3.13.4 installed.
We will continue to investigate, thanks!