Visitors in Real-time stopped working after update to 3.0

Piwik was successfully upgraded to 3.0 without any errors reported. Noticing a few bugs after upgrade. The Visitors in Real-time widget only shows the rows: Last 24 hours and Last 30 minutes. The actually real-time visits are not shown anymore. Also, if I click the View detailed visitor log link, I get the message “There is no data for this report.” When I click on the date and just set it to today again, then the Visitor Log is populated. Anyone else experiencing these bugs?


Same problem here - hope there will be a bugfix?

UPDATE: After waiting a little I’m getting the new realtime data but there is no data from the past before updating to 3.0

I updated another piwik install on a different server, same OS and configuration, both 2.17.1 to 3.0. On the second server, Visitors in Real-time is working properly and clicking the View detailed visitor log link works as well. I sure hope there is a way to fix this without rolling back the database on the first server and redoing the upgrade.

I am not seeing any real-time data below the first two rows Last 24 hours and Last 30 minutes. Also, I have noticed two times now that visits seem to disappear sometimes. I just did a refresh recently and the visits for Last 24 hours dropped by 2.

AHA! Since it just rolled over past midnight, I saw myself pop up as a visitor in the Real-time widget. Not sure if it was rolling over to the next day, or my mucking around trouble-shooting everything I could think of, but it does appear to be working now, along with View detailed visitor log link. Will keep an eye on it, but feeling relieved now that it appears to be working.

It stopped working for me too. There’s no data now.

I’m experiencing this as well. Visitor log is also empty unless I view more than one day at a time, at which point all visitors show up.

+1 here as well. Hoping for a quick fix

Now I am seeing the same problem again. Seems like it corresponds with a certain time of the day. Will be interesting to see if the problem disappears with the next hour.

This is definitely something time related. I changed the timezone for a site and the list of Visitors in Real-Time came back. I then reverted the timezone to what it was originally and they disappear. Perhaps related to daylight savings?

I got the same problem.
After upgrading to 3.0 from 2.
Real-Time monitor stopped working…

Error: Impossible to access an attribute (“idVisit”) on a string variable (“error”) in “@Live/getLastVisitsStart.twig” at line 6

Is anyone having an issue with the mobile app? The web version seems fine (as far as I can see) but the mobile app says “No Visitors” in the ‘Visitors in real-time’ section.

After Upgrade to v3.0.0, Piwik stops the tracking. The Real-Time Visitor Site also display nothing.

My solution:
Deactivate the Core Plugin “UserCountry”.

After that, the Tracking in Piwik 3.0.0 is working and I also get the data display at the Real-Time Visitor Site.

Seems to create more issues:

Error: Plugin UserCountry required

And the Real Time map disappearing…

I might found the issue:

Mysqli prepare error: Unknown column ‘log_link_visit_action.interaction_position’ in ‘field list’

It seems to be working for me after 1 day post install of 3.0.
Maybe it does have something to do with the date.

Hi guys,

If you experience problem with Piwik 3.0.0 after 1 day and not seeing data, please create a bug report in our tracker: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub and we will try to assist.

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To anyone else who is experiencing this issue and if it seemed to resolve itself, watch during the last hour before it rolls over to the next day 23:00 - 23:59 (11PM - 11:59PM) for the timezone set on the site you are checking. Does the list of recent visitors disappear during that time-frame and then start fresh once it is a new day? That is what I am seeing, and there are no error messages.

UPDATE: It is not 23:00 yet and I am seeing the error again. List of Visitors in Real-time as disappeared for all sites and clicking on View detailed visitor log link does not show any results, even though piwik is continuing to track visitors.

The live update has stopped working once again today. This is after it was working most of the day.
I think the stoppage is coinciding with the hour Piwik 3.0 was first installed for us.

Hi rabo. I just updated the post above. Now seeing the error on a different hour. It does seem to be time related, but does not correspond with installation time.