Unique visitor per week/month


I would like to know my intranet’s unique visitors per week and per month. However, currently, for these periods, the number of unique visitors for week/month is equal to the aggregate number of unique visitors per day.
E.g. for the last week, the daily unique visitors: 50 / 44 / 33 / 44 / 40 / 0 / 0
So, for that week piwik says 211 unique visitors.
But I would like to know how many people visited the site last week, and not the aggregate number of each days.
Can anyone help me?


by default, we aggregate for performance reasons for YEAR and CUSTOM RANGE, but not for weekly…
you should have the exact unique visitors numbers:

You can enable for year/range: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Are you sure the numbers for week are wrong?


thanks for the answer. We use this setting, but the weekly total number of unique visitors is exactly equal to the aggregate number of the daily visitors on the selected week. We have returning visitors, we use it as an intranet in our company server. All visits are unique visits at the same time, which is not correct, I think.
It is the same for month period as well.

Could you suggest me sg?

Gergely Kozma

Can you please post screenshots which show the problem ? thanks

Hello Matt,
i attach the screenshots. The weekly and monthly total number of unique visitors are equal to the aggragate number of daily visitors.
At our company we are about 250 employees, so the monthly view is impossible. And I think the weekly as well.

Thanks, Gergely

Can anybody help me?
Or advise me a professional in Hungary?

indeed there seems to be a problem with tracking returning visitors / unique visitors.

Have you got cookies enabled ? Do you use Javascript tracking code ?

We use javascript tracking code in a wordpress blog, with wp piwik plug-in.
Disable cookies: Disable all tracking cookies for a visitor. -> there is a tick, so it is disabled.

When cookies are disabled, visitors will be not be tracked as “returning” and will appear as “new” visitors on every visit.