Superadmin can not manage all e-mail reports

When you log in as a superadmin you do not see all e-mail reports- only the ones you have created.
We have adminusers or users with the write permission, and they create e-mail reports. But when the adminuser quits his/her job or get transferred, nobody can acess and adjust the e-mail reports.
A workaround is to change the adminuser’s password and log in as that person- but that is not such a good way to handle this problem.
We would like the superadmin account to be able to acess all e-mail reports other users have created.
I hope this is not too difficult to solve? Let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards.

Some tickets have already been created about this suggestion:

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Hi again!
Good to know more people have the same need and wish. I am glad to know that you are working on the issue so thanks a lot for your quick response and feedback!
Let me know if you need anything more from me!