Strange things or is it just me because I dont know better?


i use Piwik today for the first time. Installed it from my Webhoster on a Subdomain. To secure it better, I added a .htaccess protection for the subdomain / the folder where piwik is installed.

Now the strange thing. A short time ago, I was on my main page (which is the one Piwik is supposed to watch), on the main domain, and it asked for that login of the .htaccess. Why is that ? That .htaccess is on the Subdomain, why is it asking me for that on the main domain ?

I am sure, there is a simple explonation for that, and I probably dont know because I am new to Piwik. But if someone could help me please, to change that ? Possibly without the need to remove the .htaccess protection from the Piwik install on the Subdomain.

Thanks in advance.


See here: