Stop tracking on certain websites

Hi all,

We have a few clients we are assisting with Matomo and we want to stop accepting traffic for a bit on certain websites, but retain the data in the background. Rather than get the client to pull the tags from the website or remove/delete the siteID altogether from being accepted on the system, is there a good way to do this from the management console?

Is the best way to just remove the URL from the “Websites>Manage” measurable?


Hi, perhaps this plugin will help:

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Will give this a bash, many thanks

Yep, worked like a charm. Fab

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Reading the documentation of the “DisableTracking” plugin, it seems that, when disable tracking for a specific site, all the hits sent from the clients are also lost.

I would like to know if there is a way to hold the hits for later processing.

Thanks in advance