Disable/pause web/app tracking temporarily

Hi all,

Please note this question relates to the hosted Matomo service (I cannot install a 3rd party plugin such as the “disable tracking” plugin Stop tracking on certain websites)

We would to stop accepting web/app visits for a period of time for certain measurables (however we want to retain the data in the database and maintain tags in the client measurables).

How would we achieve this in the hosted Matomo platform (innocraft.cloud)

Many thanks

Do you use MTM (Matomo Tag Manager)?

Unfortunately not! Most (all) clients are using GTM as their tag manager

Then probably in GTM (I have never used it) there is some trigger or tags that can be valid on a certain time frame?

Thanks. I was hoping there would be a way that I could control this (like using the disable tracking plugin) - rather than asking for the client to make a change in GTM.

I should clarify - there is not a particular timeframe that needs to be set - I would just like to disable the website until I switch it back on.

You can either do (in the sites manager):

But it will just prevent your Matomo server to track. The clients will continue to send tracking request to your Matomo server (that will be ignored)

That’s a good workaround and will achieve what I need for now, thankyou!