Solved: The plugin ExampleLogTables could not be loaded as it has missing dependencies: ExampleLogTables requires Piwik <4.0.0-b1. Please contact your Matomo administrator

After Upgrading to 4.0.3 i get this errormessage in systemcheck.
after searching on the net i found
Matomo Issue #16804 - Matomo 4.0.0 warns about “ExampleTheme requires Piwik <4.0.0-b1”
an deleted the Example* folders.

but the errormessage is staying.

any suggestions?

the suggestion is to wait until cache expires. after some tim the message disappers .


Have you tried logging out and logging in again? Or better: Deleting all cookies in your browser (related to your Matomo domain) and then logging in again.

There might be some unrelated issue that error messages don’t disappear once they no longer apply.

Hi Lukas,
Issue was solved by waiting until cache expired

has to be:
the solution was: wait until (matomo) cache expires. after some time the message dissappers.