The plugin GoogleAnalyticsImporter could not be loaded as it has missing dependencies: GoogleAnalyticsImporter requires Matomo >=4.1.2-rc2. Please contact your Matomo administrator


I’m trying to import old google analytics data into a wordpress site but I’m having problems even accessing the “import” section within Matomo admin. The image below shows my issues:-

I have double checked I have the latest versions of both Matomo plugins so that shouldn’t be the problem?

I found this in this forum but I can’t seem to find how to clean the cache. Or maybe I just have to wait for it to expire?

Any help with would be greatly appreciated.


There was a bug in the plugin that required a change in Matomo to fix. This fix has been included in the next Matomo release which was originally planned to be 4.1.2, but then became 4.2.0.

Matomo for wordpress hasn’t been updated to Matomo 4.2.0 yet (it is still on 4.1.1) as it is waiting for a few bugfixes that will be included in the next few days in 4.2.1.

So if it isn’t urgent, I’d recommend you to wait for a few days.

If it is, then you can change the plugin requirements manually to 4.2.1 and also apply this fix to Matomo.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the answer. This isn’t urgent at all so I think I’ll wait for the updated version.