SEO issue: Content tracking with no redirection

i have added the content tracker of matomo and i like it a lot.

But now i realized that matomo automatically integrates a redirect on every URL it tracks…(no not every url… just links but not on div-boxes…)
the URL becomes something like ?redirecturl=http…

A few days i wondered about a decrease of visitors and i asked myself why this is happening… now i think it might be a result of the bad internal link structure that appeared after implementing the content tracking. the website relies strongly on SEO.

Is there a possibility do disable the URL redirection and just track over ajax (like a background ping)?

Redirect is bad for SEO. You should get rid of it. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it. I have a same problem. If someone answers, tell me.

Not so long ago, I also faced a similar problem and I had to contact an SEO company for help. If you want to try to solve this problem by yourself I would advise you to be careful not to make the situation worse. After contacting the SEO company for help, my site was fully analyzed and identified the reason for its slow development. As a result, I was told that the previous company that was engaged in promoting my site used the wrong methods of promotion that aren’t suitable for my site and now my site is in the black list of search engine promotion in the Google search engine. I had to change my domain and contact another company to restore my site and finally start earning money on it.



To answer your original question and lock this thread as the word SEO attracks a lot of spam:

Matomo 4 removed the feature that modifies URLs to go through Matomo and will not rewrite any URL anymore.

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