Segment vistors based on past urls

So after some reading i’m not sure if this is a bug or support question. I can’t find a way to segment visitors based on a url they have visited in a vist or in a previous visit.

e.g. my colleague asked to see all visitors who ever went through a certain category on our wordpress site, but when i choose to segment on a “action url” using the containing option then only the page url’s/ titles etc that specifically contained that url where returned not how many people came from say the home page to that category or went on to read other articles from that category. We wanted a segment so we could see all the location, refere info, broweser stats, etc, If it was a single page i would use the transistions option but no good. Preferably it would be great to see all url’s in all time so not just with in one visit.

There seems to be a few requests around this, and the events url option that was bought in. When i use the event url option i get no result at all!

If i had known this was needed I could have set a goal, but it looks like thers no way to do a goal that goesback in time

in the future i guess i could set up a custom dimension with code like:

_paq.push(['setCustomDimension', 3, 'catagory-slug']);

Any help or suggestions would be warmly recived, I presume i’m not the only one with this problem and at the moment it’s the one feature that our team needs but i can’t provide with matomo