Screen Resolutions

There are serveral visits by devices wich are shown with a wrong screen resolution. Mostly mobile phones with high HD resolutions are shown with “320x480” or “360x640”.


They are showing the “correct” screen resolution, just not the one you would expect.

Most mobile devices report a smaller resultion as you wouldn’t want a 12px font not actually be 12px high (which would be tiny at Full HD).

As you can see here, Matomo records the result of


You may also want to take a look at:

and this plugin that also records the screen pixel density:

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Thanks for your answer, although I can’t follow this.

For me just counts the result: A visit with a smartphone with 1920 x 1080 pixel is shown as 640 x 360 px.
Sorry, this feels wrong for me.


To explain it differently:

Your phone has a screen resulution of 1920x1080px, but if you would now open a website with a 20x20px button it would be less than 1mm large and impossible to hit. Therefore your device also has a pixel density of 3. This means that a 10x10px element on the website will use 30x30px of your screen.
So as a webdesigner you don’t have to worry about how high the resolution of the device is (at least for deciding how large to e.g. make a button), but only worry about how large it will apear on screen.
And thanks to the pixel density of 3 (other phones have 2 or 4), you can act as if the screen is as large as if you only use 640x360px of your destop computer. (1920/3=640)
And therefore Matomo records the viewport size instead of the size of the

Of course the pixel density is also important when you want to know how many of your users have high-resolution displays and if you maybe make all images/icons higher resolution.
That’s why this plugin ( creates a new report that shows you the pixel density of all phones.

Thanks again for your trouble. Meanwhile I understand it I think.
I’ve unstalled the plugin, but it gives global information only. So if I take a look at the visitors log I still don’t know, what was the real resolution of his device, right?

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