Screenresolution often unknown

Device Pixel Ratio

I have issues making a proper report on this variable since over 60% of visits are unknown size.

How can this be tunned up more to reveal more values? Why so many devices not known?


Matomo uses screen.width and screen.height in the JS tracking code to record this data.

As these attributes are available since the early days of Javascript, there has to be another reason why the data is undefined.

So the only reason I could think of, is that these visitors have JS disabled and have therefore are using the image tracker (which can’t know the screen resolution) or they are on a platform where the browser can’t know the screen resolution(?).

Keep in mind that only the small blue fraction is actually unknown. The 60% green fraction is known to Matomo, but just grouped in one fraction to keep the number of fractions in the pie chart low. If you switch to another visualization of the report, you can see all screen resolutions.

It seems like this limit is hardcoded here: