Scheduled e-mail reports not working - Matomo 3.9.1

I’m using the latest Matomo 3.9.1 for gathering stats of my websites. Everything is working fine except for scheduled e-mail reports. If I trigger a report to be sent by hand it reaches me without problems, but the automatic report sending doesn’t work at all.
The server is a linux VPS and is patched on a regular basis to ensure all the packages are of the latest version. It’s running Apache 2.4 + PHP7-FPM + MariaDB 10.1. Also a cronjob is set for automatic data archiving every hour as recommended in the installation manual. The System Check tab shows everything is green. Unfortunately the automatic reports are not being sent.

Could somebody please help?

Thank you in advance,


This issue is reported quite often here, but I and no one else on the Matomo team can reproduce it.

My current theory on why this happens is the following:
When you click on send on the website the PHP code will get executed by php-fpm which will read e.g. /etc/php/7.3/fpm/php.ini. But the automated mail is sent by the cronjob, which executes php-cli which reads another php.ini. And I think that on your server sending mail is set up correctly for the former, but broken for the latter.

Yes, I do remember multiple issues with automatic reports in the past. In the meantime automatic reports just working fine here, though. As Lukas pointed out it looks like you are running different php versions. Somehow your cronjob triggers a different php CLI. So, double check your cronjob.