Report with 6months range failed with errors

We want to set up a report and need e.g. a 6 months range or higher (up to 12 month) - but this report failed with errors (see shot)

Are there possibilities to configurate it or similar?

Thanks for help in advance.

Greets, Alexandra


A similar post (unfortunately in German): Ooops Fehlermeldung bei Abrufen von Statistiken - #2 by Lukas

To sum it up, that looks like a timeout. So either increase the maximum execution time of PHP and/or setup cron if you haven’t yet and follow the performance tips from here:

Hi Lukas,

Danke für Deinen Hinweis, probieren wir aus - deutsch ist kein Problem, schreibe aber hier lieber auf Englisch :wink:

Grüße, Alexandra

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