Report for Unique Visitors

(H Raghavendra Rao) #1

Dear Forum members & Matomo Support team,

One of our users has raised this question " for instance I would to see the number of unique users that have ever accessed a specific site so I can an average per month - I can currently see all visits but I assume that includes me and the developers that have been in there lots of times to work." and I am not sure what to do here.
I have looked at the topic How to find the Unique visitors per month mentioned on this and when I access the PIWIK Forums - December2015 - WebAnalytics Report Piwik, it throws me the below error.

Error : You can’t access this resource as it requires ‘view’ access for the website id = 7.

I have provided this How do I enable "Unique Visitors" metric for Yearly reports and for Custom Date Ranges? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo to the user but he is not sure where this needs to be implemented.

My understanding is that the website developer needs to update their Config/ file or does the developer needs to update the JavaScriptTrackingCode?

Hence I would like to know the below.

  1. Firstly how to enable Unique Visitor’s tracking.

  2. Secondly, how can I get access to the above.

Sorry for the repeat question but I had no other choice.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


I think the up-to-date link is Demo-Site - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

So you can already see unique visitors in all reports by default in Matomo