How to find the Unique visitors per month

How to find the unique visitors count per month ? Using visitors tab i can able find the number of users over the period of month, But i need the total number of Unique visitors of the entire month.Thanks.

Simply have a look at the visitors overview. e.g. Piwik Forums - December 2015 - Web Analytics Reports - Piwik

Hi Steve,
In my piwik dashboard, it is showing only visitors count, but not showing unique visitors count. Why it’s so? Do I need to change anything. Thanks

Maybe that helps: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the help, one thing i have noticed in that unique visitors count, If anyone visits a same page on two different devices(laptop +mobile) its calculating as two visits. But it should be one . How to get this ?thanks.

That doesn’t sound like a bug. Unique visitor does not work accross platforms. Visiting on a phone and a laptop is 2 seperate unique visits in the eyes of any analytics platform. If you enable logged in user tracking you can do the kind of tracking you are looking for.