Override template of email report

I would like to customise the template used for sending Email Reports.
My goal is to replace the templates in “plugins/CoreHome/templates/ReportRenderer”

I saw that the functionality for overwriting twig templates was introduced with this commit.
I have therefore created a new ad-hoc plugin with this stucture:

├── CustomEmailReportTemplate.php
├── plugin.json
└── templates
    ├── _htmlReportBody.twig
    ├── _htmlReportFooter.twig
    ├── _htmlReportHeader.twig
    └── plugins
        ├── _htmlReportBody.twig
        ├── _htmlReportFooter.twig
        └── _htmlReportHeader.twig

i installed and activated the new plugin correctly, but the email template is always the original one.
I even tried to set ““theme”: true” inside the plugin.json but it still doesn’t work

what am I doing wrong?

Hi @m4t
This is a very technical question, maybe @innocraft have some clues on this?

hello, any help is appreciated

Hi @m4t. I found a related query on our forums. Kindly check this link for more insight ScheduledReports modify theme email

I hope this helps.

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