ScheduledReports modify theme email

Hi everyone, I have recently been using matomo.
I need to email reports and I have seen that ScheduledReports via email works fine.
I just wanted to ask you if it was possible to change the email template, it is set as 100% width and I would like to change it and I would like to change something else.

Is it possible to do this?


I think this is set here for all Matomo E-Mails:

You can overwrite this template file in a custom theme as explained here:

Ok perfect, thank’s!

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I made the changes to the email template but can’t make them permanent after the update.
I followed this guide:, and I inserted the modified templates as indicated, in my case:

but it doesn’t work and after the update the folder was also deleted.
What am I doing wrong? Can you help me please?


The idea of the guide is that you create your own theme and then put the modified file in plugins/YourTheme/templates/plugins/CoreHome/_htmlEmailHeader.twig. This way a Matomo update can overwrite the CoreHome directory, but your theme will stay and continue to overwrite the template.

i created a new theme and now it works. thanks!

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