Outlinks per page


I love seeing a list of outlinks for my sites, but they would be more useful if I could measure outlinks per page.

For example, when viewing page titles, it would be amazingly useful to see a column (perhaps optional) listing outlinks per page title.

Ideally, Piwik would provide an in-page analytics tool like GA – with outlink tracking. But I’m not that picky about UI.

Piwik’s outlink tracking feature gives it big advantage over GA, which makes tracking outlinks practically impossible. But the value of the feature with Piwik is limited, since we can’t see where visitors are hitting which outlinks.

Marti LaChance
Indiana University

(vipsoft) #2

Work in progress: Checking the In- and Outbounds of a page · Issue #2057 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


Beautiful. What is your ETA for this feature?

Marti LaChance
Indiana University