One Config File to Support Multiple Database Locations or Schemas

Is there a way to support multiple databases/schemas through the same config.ini file?

I need to store my data in different locations depending on who is accessing my sites. As of now, I have full piwik code located in several locations, each with its own config.ini file, but would like to use just one set of code with either multiple config.ini files or one config.ini file that can send data to different locations depending on certain parameters.

We are currently working on this feature: MultiPiwik setup · Issue #4133 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thanks, I will keep an eye on this new feature.

Is MultiPiwik available in 2.0 beta and, if so, is there documentation or a readme on how to set it up? I’d like to test it out. Thanks.

Was this implemented? I can’t find any information about it.

We are looking for the way to have only one centralized Matomo code and, depending on the site, using different databases.

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