No IP in real-time visitor log or profile

I have down a fresh install with anonimisation turned off and geolocation is on.

Yet the visitor IP only shows under vistor log, no where else…

in the FAQ a screenshot shows an IP under Vistor Profile yet mine does not

is there a feature that has turned this off?

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It’s a bit hidden but the feature is still there. When you click on the grey header on the right side of the visitor profile it expands:


But in the live visitors log on the dashboard there’s still no IP any more…

yeah, I don’t get this, why would it be hidden from a super admin?

I assume its due to these new laws?

Can it be brought back? Or is there a method to add code to that area? It was handy to have a glance at the real-time log rather than clicking 3 times per user…

the IP’s for our use case are already known and help with knowing which network the user came from