No hierarchical reports, by 'page titles'

Hi all

Last july, We have upgraded matomo from 3.2.1 to 3.9.1 .

Before, we could display reports, by Page titles an by Pages, in herarchical view

Now, it seems it’s no more possible to display by page titles in hierarchical view !

No sign + in front of each lign to expand it, and no ability to change option ‘The report is flat, make it hierarcchical (default)’ (not displayed)

It works for reports by Pages !

Is it a new usage ? A bug ? Or I missed a parameter in config file or other ?

Thanks for your help


This was intentionally changed in

as there is no character everyone uses to separate their titles.

To get this back, you just need to add this to the [General] section of your config/config.ini.php :

action_title_category_delimiter = "/"

See also

OK, it works now !
Thanks for your help


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