Mysqli prepare error: Access denied -- for goals plugin only

Matomo seems to work fine. Except that the widget titled “Visits Over Time” shows no data, but instead a red box with “Mysqli prepare error: Access denied for user ‘yvhu3nejs9HtWp4I’@‘localhost’ to database ‘pdrbshnqdqdwswtm’” (disregard the strange database names – they are auto-generated).

If I disable the goals plugin, everything seems to be fine.

I can log into mariadb from the terminal with the data provided in the config file.

I looked into the mariadb query log, but I cannot see a connection attempt that is different from the others.

Fresh install of Matomo 3.13.2 on Linux.


Random guess:

Since a few Matomo version, Matomo needs CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES permissions on the database, maybe that’s what the access denied referrs to.


P.S. This could use a better error message.