Less visits after GDPR

Dear all, I have a question about tracking in times of GDPR. During 3 months, we did not track visits at all; until we had an overlay that was approved by our legal department. After implementing an overlay on our website where every visitor can choose not to be tracked at all if they like, we have only a fith of the visits per month compared to before. Of course, there will be several persons who choose no tracking that don’t appear in our analysis anymore. But I’m surprised by the numbers. Could there be other factors I do not see? The website is just as it was before. Thank you so much.
Best regards


I’d say it’s possible that it’s the same reason as mentioned in Customer not tracked - #2 by Lukas.

  • the user was using an adblocker that blocked Matomo
  • the user has disabled JS or blocked all third party scripts
  • the user has enabled DoNotTrack and therefore their visit isn’t tracked by Matomo
  • the user has used the OptOut iFrame to OptOut of tracking and is therefore not tracked.
  • There is an error with your webserver causing some requests to be dropped (e.g. by using mod_security)
  • There was an PHP error when the data should have been stored.

But other than that I can only ask the obvious question: Why would someone be fine with their personal data being tracked (assuming you don’t anonymize them)?
Why would I not immediately go to another site that doesn’t interupt me before it even shows me what the content is and why I would want to see it and instead go to a website that doesn’t track me or only tracks me in an completely anonymized way?