Inernal Server Error Update 3.5.1 -> 3.6.0

(Yorh Ekin) #1

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator at support (at) one (dot) com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.


(Fabian Dellwing) #2

Well, without the information in the server error log, no one can help you here :wink:

(Yorh Ekin) #3

Too many difficulties … after updating to 3.6.0 … back to 3.5.1

(Fabian Dellwing) #4

Not a good decision, but ok. The integrity check says you exactly what command to run.

(Yorh Ekin) #5

Whatsoever … I don’t have time for this. It’s a bad update. Troublemaker. Troublemaker = No good


Same here on every matomo installation I try to update on different hosting companies. Seams to be a more generally error. 3.6.0 marks as critically, but the database update ist “critically” too, because it runs into internal server error. If I try to reload the same URL the error are not shown again, but was the database upgrade correct?

(Yorh Ekin) #7

It’s a bad thing, time consuming, unpleasant, if you can’t even rely on “analytics” software to help yourself to get the “online casino concept” world wide web … working.

(Michael Heerklotz) #8

If you want help you need to post the actual error log here. Some fancy screenshots that have nothing to do with it will not help anybody.

(Yorh Ekin) #9

Not my problem at all … not my support job in unpaid product support. Contact one dot com for error logs and reports.

So glad that I only have 5 visitors per day on my site, otherwise I would have trouble going back to 3.5.1 with humdreds and thousands if DB entries after DB tables update of version 3.6


(Dominik) #10

Same problem here. I have no access to the logs. The system is running well, but how can I check that the database update was successful?

(Michael) #11

I got the following lines in my error.log (IP and website changed):
[Thu Aug 30 12:07:27.149134 2018] [fcgid:warn] [pid 1654] (104)Connection reset by peer: [client] mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server, referer:
[Thu Aug 30 12:07:27.149183 2018] [core:error] [pid 1654] [client] End of script output before headers: index.php, referer:

(Michael Heerklotz) #12

Thank you for the logs. These lines do not look like they are related to the problem. Can you find any lines in the error log file with the text “PHP” ?

(Yorh Ekin) #13

Then store your own php error logs somewhere in the database. It’s totally PHP / MYSQL secure anyway. Isn’t it?


The problem exists on every shared hosting service I tested it on (3 different). Here the reason:

AH01215: fork() failed, process limit exceeded: /.../piwik/index.php

(Yorh Ekin) #15

I tested it by going back to version 3.4.0 and it seems working smoother and less sluggish compared to version 3.5.1 on my shared web hosting package. Page loading times are faster with version 3.4.0 compared to version 3.5.1.

(Fabian Dellwing) #16

It seems like it is spawning more children than your shared hoster allows. I don’t know why the 3.6.0 suddenly spawns more children than the 3.5.1, maybe @Lukas can answer that.

(Michel Gaudry) #18

On my shared hosting I had these errors when updating to 3.6 :

[Tue Sep 04 16:33:31.471668 2018] [fastcgi:error] [pid 21717:tid 140396071925504] [client] FastCGI: incomplete headers (0 bytes) received from server "/home/clients/81540dfc4fa3a424b7cdb5d4215dd3c3/.config/apache/", referer:
[Tue Sep 04 16:33:31.471616 2018] [fastcgi:error] [pid 21717:tid 140396071925504] (104)Connection reset by peer: [client] FastCGI: comm with server "/home/clients/81540dfc4fa3a424b7cdb5d4215dd3c3/.config/apache/" aborted: read failed: "Connection reset by peer", referer:

“Internal Server Error” happened just after launching database update; previous operation (files update) was successful.
Currently my Matomo seems to work correctly and matomo’s system check doesn’t notice some related problem.
How to be sure that my database structure is not corrupted ?

(Fabian Dellwing) #19

Do you have SSH access or a direct database access?

(Michel Gaudry) #20

Yes, SSH access and a direct database

(Fabian Dellwing) #21

Login via SSH, cd into your Matomo root and run ./console core:update, this will make sure everything is up to date for you.