Identifying a customer user_id from an email URL parameter

(Stevie Kay) #1


I’m tryng to find a way that I can identify more of my customer’s user ids by passing through their User_ID from an email URL parameter or via Image tracking. Not many people log into my site so i think that identifying users from an email click might be a good way of solving for this.

As such I was hoping that by creating a pixel in the email with the following URL would identify a user;

<img src=https://mywebsite/piwik.php?idsite=1&rec=1&uid=CUST0001 style=“border:0” alt="" />

However when I execute this, I cant find any record of CUST001 on the matomo db.
Am I going about this the wrong way? If anyone has a way of using the URL or tracking API to pass through a User ID, i’d love to know about it!

Many Thanks

(Stevie Kay) #2

Actually, That did indeed log the user_id into the matomo_log_visit table!

Although i’m not sure the system would be able to associate this synthetic visit with an actual click through onto the site and then be able to make the connection that both visits were from the same user on the same device

More thought needed here, as said - if anyone has a neat trick to increase the number of user_ids collected by the matomo system via clickthroughs from other sources, i’d love to hear them