Exclude specific user agents by email account

Hi all, I wanted to track inputs from the forms on the website. For this, I created a dashboard using the funnel data with all entries from real users. However, to test my funnel initially I tried inputs from a few test accounts created on outlook which are now mixed with the original results as the IP address or devices used for testing were changing constantly.

I wanted to know if there’s a process for excluding users based on their email accounts. So that the data from those test accounts will not tobe tracked with the real users.

Key-notes: Currently, there’s no User ID attached with the visitors and all the data is mixed and showing as an IP address log for each visitor which gets harder to identify which IP belongs to a test user and which IP belongs to a real user.

Have a look at Is it possible to remove all data associated with a certain IP address - General questions - Matomo forums
Just change the filter according to your needs…

Thanks for the response @heurteph-ei but the issue with the data is that I only know the user emails sending data from the forms to Matomo and the data in the GDPR tool does not allow an option for emails.

The major issue is that the IP address changes every time user logins. Therefore, I am also trying to enable user ID to see if I can add a user name to display with their IP, then I think it might be easy to identify which were the users belonging to those emails to be excluded.

You write about emails, but what do you do with the emails in Matomo? Aren’t they stored as dimension or any other kind of field?

To submit a form a user logins through an email, which in Matomo is send as an anonymous Matomo id with their IP address, but we have a lot of test accounts that are used by various other users for testing the website purposes on the same forms. Looking at few logs and the total number of drop rate it was found that the drop rates are caused by our own test user accounts by checking the actions to make sure it was a test account(because the IP address is dynamic and we don’t have user id enabled). Now, we only have the emails of those test accounts and we don’t know how to match them with the data available.

If I do not make mistake, the data put in forms are not gathered by Matomo (just the fact a field has been filled or not is gathered).
So I think there is no solution for your problem.
I think you should find a way (thanks to visit dimensions for example) to tell Matomo that the visit is a test visit, and then you’ll be able to segment / delete such visits…

Yes, Matomo gathers only the item and its action selected while submission within the page URL changes going through a form.

For the visit dimension… Can I create a custom dimension using a CSS selector for the element that holds the user names? (only contains a header and a class element with the text)

< h2 class=“h3”>Test user name

If this works for getting those names then I believe it will solve the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be better to use an id than a class to select the DOM node…

<h2 id=“user-name”>Test user name</h2>

Then in MTM, create a new variable:

Then update the MTM config variable:

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Thanks for helping out, @heurteph-ei, your screenshots are really informative. I will share this with my developer team and update once implementation is done.