HowTo: install Piwik in CentOS / RHEL

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I’ve published a draft documentation on how to install Piwik on RHEL / Centos 6/7 here:

I’d like to have feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. The goal here would be to have a minimal install document for testing purposes. Most production environments with important traffic would need a more elaborate setup.


Installing Piwik on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu,etc. and RHEL/CentOS

Thanks, this is a useful guide. Unfortunately, our webserver is stuck on RHEL 6 for the time being. It would be useful to add to your guide how to install a newer version of PHP and MySQL on RHEL 6, as the versions that ship as standard, although still receiving security fixes, are quite old.

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Hi @david55 - I don’t use RHEL/CentOS with Piwik. Having recent a PHP / MySQL version on RHEL 6 is outside the scope of that document initially. I believe you can find such information easily online.

I also don’t think I have access to edit the document anymore as I don’t work with PiwikPro anymore.

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We needed to close the wiki because of a storm of vandalism posting swastikas.
If you want to update the help page, just message me.

Maybe we can enable public edits again as it seems to have calmed down.

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I moved the tutorial to the knowledge base here on the forum and made it a wiki.

That way anyone can easily improve it.

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Excellent! Thank you.