Help with error please

I get the following error:
Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data. Please try again. If this error occurs repeatedly please [contact your Matomo administrator]

Thing is, it seems to be inconsistant. Some time there are errors in one module on the dashboard, sometimes, none on the dashboard, but as I click on modules, it may happen.

I have increased max execution time in cpanel to 6000. That helped a bit, but im still getting the error. I use matomo on several sites and this is not the only one to have an error.

I havent enabled auto archiving, because the help pages say " If you are using Matomo for WordPress , you don’t need to do this as it utilises the WP Cron"

I havent Disabled “Archive reports when viewed from the browser” in the General Settings", because i dont have that in the Matomo>system>general settings

My error log shows an error related to matomo:

[30-Aug-2022 04:27:49 UTC] WordPress database error Table ‘wpbh_matomo_archive_numeric_2017_01’ already exists for query CREATE TABLE wpbh_matomo_archive_numeric_2017_01 (
date1 DATE NULL,
date2 DATE NULL,
ts_archived DATETIME NULL,
PRIMARY KEY(idarchive, name),
INDEX index_idsite_dates_period(idsite, date1, date2, period, ts_archived),
INDEX index_period_archived(period, ts_archived)
made by require_once(’/plugins/matomo/app/core/dispatch.php’), Piwik\FrontController->dispatch, Piwik\FrontController->doDispatch, call_user_func_array, Piwik\Plugins\CoreHome\Controller->renderReportWidget, Piwik\Plugin\Report->render, Piwik\Plugins\CoreVisualizations\Visualizations\Sparkline->render, Piwik\Plugin\ViewDataTable->loadDataTableFromAPI, Piwik\ViewDataTable\Request->loadDataTableFromAPI, Piwik\API\Request->process, Piwik\API\Proxy->call, Piwik\Context::executeWithQueryParameters, Piwik\API\Proxy->Piwik\API{closure}, call_user_func_array, Piwik\Plugins\API\API->get, Piwik\API\Proxy->call, Piwik\Context::executeWithQueryParameters, Piwik\API\Proxy->Piwik\API{closure}, call_user_func_array, Piwik\Plugins\VisitsSummary\API->get, Piwik\Archive->getDataTableFromNumeric, Piwik\Archive->get, Piwik\Archive->getArchiveIds, Piwik\Archive->cacheArchiveIdsWithoutLaunching, Piwik\DataAccess\ArchiveSelector::getArchiveIds, Piwik\DataAccess\ArchiveTableCreator::getNumericTable, Piwik\DataAccess\ArchiveTableCreator::getTable, Piwik\DataAccess\ArchiveTableCreator::createArchiveTablesIfAbsent, Piwik\DataAccess\Model->createArchiveTable, Piwik\Db\Adapter\WordPress->query

This is for Clients website. PLEASE HELP

How many servers do you use for Matomo? Isn’t there case where 2 archiving processes could be run at the same time?

Hi, thanks for replying. I use the wordpress plugin.

Hi @sjpals,
My question was not about the version of Matomo you used, but the number of server on which Matomo (or the Matomo WordPress plugin if you prefer) is installed… ?

im sorry, I dont know what you mean by this. I presume 1?? Please can you explain what you mean by this?

I host many wordpress websites. Several of them have matomo on. I have checked 2 and they both have the errors.

If only one server is used to serve your WordPress site, then it is 1, but if you use a load balancer (in case of high traffic, because only one single server wouldn’t be enough), then it is several :wink:

About your issue, then I have no other idea… Maybe @innocraft have some?

um, ok, then probably lots? I use shared hosting.

Hello @sjpals

I agree with @heurteph-ei : we need to know if your website is replicated in multiple servers behind a load balancer.
Could you ask it to your hosting provider?

Kind regards


The answer I got from my host:

We do not have any such load balancer. If you are using any CDN then your website may be behind their proxied IP. If you are not using any CDN, then your website will directly resolve from our server IP.

I am using a CDN on one site, but not on the other. Both are showing the error
Oops… there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data. Please try again. If this error occurs repeatedly please [contact your Matomo administrator]