Having a hard time with my affiliate manager to make the tracking pixel work with piwik

I am trying to use piwik’s image tracking as a “tracking pixel”.

After a user makes a purchase using my affiliate link, the last page (thank you page) should include the image tracking link like this:

This should be pretty simple and from all the tests I’ve run, if I include that code into any html page or even if I visit the https://example.com/piwik.php?idsite=3&rec=1 link itself, I see a visit on my piwik dashboard.

After unsuccessfully trying to get this working his final response was that “what you’ve given me won’t work either since you’re not asking for any data to be passed over.”

He also states that “if you had a tracker from voluumn, or clickmagick or any other network like that, it would fire normally as we see it tracking and firing back to our affiliates who use platforms like that”

Now I’ve reached a dead end. Not sure what to say next and how to solve this issue.


I think the tracking pixel is the entirely wrong tool for tracking affiliate links. It’s only use case is tracking page visits without javascript.

But Piwik has another feature that is perfect for this: Campaign Tracking.

See here for more information:


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