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I don’t know if there has been such a question :slight_smile:
I have some affiliates who promote my services.

I have some sales pages and add them in Piwik websites

Each affiliate has his own ID, created in special affiliate service.
How can I track their IDs in Piwik. Will it shows the whole link with ID or I should to set up something else?

I mean, if they don’t use URL builder from Piwik, but only link with their ref ID (created in other service) will it show up in Piwik analytic report?

Having a hard time with my affiliate manager to make the tracking pixel work with piwik
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Have you looked into those two pages:

and especially:

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Thank you, Lukas! That is exactly what I need. And now I see the real analytics with my partners :slight_smile:

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There is now an FAQ about creating an affiliates system:

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