Get all actions with actionName=x and pageUrl=Y using Reporting API


There is a way using reporting api to get total events filtered by event name and page url?


Hi there,

Yes you can use segmentation for this; Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

It’s not possible to filter events by page url as events and page views are separate actions in Piwik. Filtering by page url will simply filter out all events. The only solution is to manually store page url in one of event fields (category, action or name).

However, if you mean here page titles (it’s something different in Piwik than event name), you can create a segment with page title and page URL constraints .

Hi @quba,

I need filter by event action, and page url.

How to do I manually store page url in one of event fields (category, action or name)?

I can program.


Hi @matthieu

I created a segment to filter the event action and specific url reported by Piwik and not data was found.

Filtering only by event action there is data.

As I said:

You cannot filter by page URL AND an event property.

Can I ask why this is? Is there a bug report open or progress on this issue? The Page on which an event occurs is critical to understanding events. Is there another way to determine which page a given event occurred on?

Is there a bug report for this issue? Not being able to report events by the page they occurred on seems pretty fundamental. Thanks!

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