we have the problem, that we cant download the geoip databases and i have read that the databases can only downloaded after login. Where can i add the credentials in the plugin for download the databases.


Error Message:


Unfortunately the announcement that the public downloads will be shut down was very short-term before the holidays, so there isn’t a complete solution yet.

I’m also not sure if Matomo will be able to provide an autoupdater for maxmind data anymore as it would need to follow the new terms of service (GeoLite2 End User License Agreement | MaxMind) which require things as automated destruction of outdated database files.

So for now I can only refer you to this post:


ConfigServer Firewall as managed to adapt their script do add the license key from Maxmind.

So, i hope that Matomo can update their script just adding the License key and everything should work the same.


You can use the following URLs to directly download the databases without needing to use maxmind’s updater program. Replace INSERT_LICENSE_KEY_HERE with your actual license key in the URLs below:

Location data:
ISP data:

But that doesn’t help for the error from matomo. And in which directory matomo save the geoip-files?

Those URLs worked for me; but you need to faff around on the maxmind site a lot first (sign up for an account, accept the agreement for the geolite databases, and get your license key). Once all of that is done, putting those URLs in matomo geolocation settings should work fine (once you replace the placeholder with your actual license key).

The extracted files are stored in the misc directory of your matomo install, although it first downloads the zipped version to tmp/latest in the matomo install.

Thanks @skizzerz your hint with the urls is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution.
For my colleagues who speak French, I made an article. He explains the situation and what the solution to still be able to benefit from GeoLite updates.