Funnel | A page is recognized as an exit page instead of the next step


In one of my funnels, I don’t understand why a page is identified as an exit page instead of the next step of the funnel:

  • Steps “'notification” and “newsletter” are required
  • The exact URL of the exit page (as shown in Matomo UI) matches perfectly with the corresponding step in the validation tool of the funnel :frowning:

What’s wrong with my configuration?

Thank you

Hi there,

Can you please share a screenshot of your funnel config with us at We will investigate further from there.


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Send by email a few minutes ago!

Issue still opened!

Is it linked to :arrow_down: ?

Do you see the bug?


A trailing space, not trimmed!

@Jason_1282 the funnel is now working after removing all trailing spaces in paths of steps!
Please trim them automatically in the plugin, thank you.

Hi Damien,

Thanks for the update. I will let the team know.


Additional information: not trimmed paths is an issue only for required steps, but not for optional one.

Anyway, all of them should be trimmed :joy: