Funnel | 0% conversion rate, 0 entries on step 2. Help ~


I tried to configure Funnels and have problems.

1. My funnel setup:

Step1, required, http s://

Step2, required, http s://

Goal: http s://

2. I tested and saw visiting paths in logs are correct. and I got 1 goal.

3. But turn to the funnel, 0% conversion rate, 85 entries in Step 1, 85 exits in Step1; None in Step 2.

Why It can’t go through all steps ? Any ideas ? Thank you so much !

Hi there,

Can I get you to mouse over your funnel steps and check the tool tip doesn’t show any white spaces for the URL for example … memebrship "


Thanks! To explain my issues again:
1、goal conversion tracking is correct
2、“logs segmented by this goal” seems correct (attached screenshots below)
3、but, funnels report incorrect. (0%) . and btw, how much time it takes to generate funnel report each circle ?

Could you mouse over the step title as shown below and check the text?

OK. and I can still get right visiting logs but 0% funnel conversions. (It’s weird I changed the funnels’ title, and all report data is clear and I never get a visit on my first step)

Thank you for your help.

Help~ do you think any bugs exists here ? Is it possible to reinstall the matomo to fix the problem? or try cloud version?

I don’t think there is an issue with the funnels plugin. When you use the validator in the funnels setup, does that go green for the steps require?

There is an issue. I have the same problem. Goal validation just doesn’t work at all.
I’ve mentioned that 18 months ago at least. But nothing changed. I don’t get it, why Matomo is not correcting this failure.

Goal definition:

Definition of the single funnel:
1 name: Tenants or tenant page Path equals: /

(notice the 1 conversion but conversion rate = 0% ???)

But in log:

Be fair and honest Matomo.
Same problem appearing:

  1. here: Funnel: Goal-URL listed as exitpage in last step before goal
  2. here: Goals: seen in "Visitors in Real-time/Pages", but not in "Goals Overviews"