Goals: seen in "Visitors in Real-time/Pages", but not in "Goals Overviews"


I’m generating Piwik manual goal conversion in our client-side js via “_paq.push([‘trackGoal’, 1]);”. Current version circa May 2013.

I have matching goals set up for the corresponding site on our Piwik server.

Having done this, I can see incoming goals events getting “seen” by Piwik up by way of the “Visitors in Real-time” dashboard panel. You get these cutesy little flag icons in the “Pages” sub-item and the mouse-over pop-out text confirms the goal name and time stamp. Very nice!

Unfortunately, nothing is showing up in the “Goals Overview” dashboard panel. Just flat-lines of “0 conversions (0 visits)” for each goal.

What am I doing wrong? This seems simple but I didn’t see anything in the FAQ or other forum q’s. Apologies if it’s a duplicate issue I missed.

Thanks for any help.

Maybe you were not looking at the right date in the calendar?

Yeah - I see that now. Today, I see yesterday’s conversions. Had to change the date range to see today’s today. Odd, but acceptable.
Thanks for the help.

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