Does matomo have anything like Google Analytics properties?

We are currently using matomo cloud for measurements.
In Google Analytics, it is possible to measure multiple websites by separating them by properties, but matomo cloud does not have such a function.
Is it necessary to use the same matomo tag for all of them?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @yoshida
As this concerns Matomo Cloud (and I don’t have any knowledge on GA), I think the best one to reply will be @innocraft

@Philippe @innocraft
Thank you very much.
I’m a beginner, where can I ask a question?

With Matomo Cloud you can track up to 30 websites simultaneously. You can easily add more websites under Administration > Websites > Add a new measurable.

If you want to cross-track across multiple domains, you can check out this article: :slight_smile:


You don’t need to attach google analytics as Matomo provides the opportunity to track your 30 domains’ data.

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Thank you for your response.
And sorry for the delay in responding.

My question was poorly worded. My apologies.

I believe GA allows you to measure each website by property.
I believe it is possible to see detailed reports for each, and even allow users to access only this property.

However, with matomo, all domains will be on the same report, and I don’t think it is possible to show data for this domain only to this user.

If I want to measure each site separately, like GA properties, how should I do it?
Also, can’t the above be done like GA’s properties, where each has its own tracking ID and is measured individually?

Hi @yoshida
You can track each of your domain, in separate websites, in the point of view of Matomo. This is what Hanna_from_Extellio and grayson_fox mentioned in their posts.

Can’t we have separate admin screens like GA properties?
For example.
A property (aaa domain measurement) can be accessed only by A Company
B property (bbb domain measurement) can only be accessed by B Company.
I think it would be possible to separate the permissions and view the report for each.

However, if the
In Matomo
Matomo will allow everyone to access one dashboard.
If you want to measure both aaa domain and bbb domain on matomo, you need to put aaa domain and bbb domain together on one dashboard.
I think it is not possible to show only A Company or B Company because aaa domain and bbb domain will be aggregated in one dashboard.

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