Different numbers for same page via "All Visits" and "Page Name"

Dear all,

since the last update of Piwik (we use the latest version) we got the problem that we got different numbers (e.g. for PAGEVIEWS) when we try to find the same page via “All Visits” and on the other hand side via “Page Name”.

We find the same page, we use the same date range etc. but for any reasons we got e.g. via “All Visits” 1000 pageviews and via “PAGEVIEWS” 1700 pageviews.

There was no problem in the past but however we got major issues with this numbers.

To filter the data for individual pages is a must have for our solution. We need individual reports for individual pages. Due the fact that (now) noone of the report recipient trust the numbers we need to find a solution asap :frowning:

Any kind of help is welcome!


Is there a chance for a feedback? As far as I see Im not the only one with this issue?

Hi Erio,

can you please create a bug report on: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub and attach screenshots and data showing the bug was reproduced?

Also, can you try reproduce this issue on demo.piwik.org ? if you do, please write the URLS to reproduce in the new issue you create, it will be very helpful helping us solve this issue faster. Cheers