Dashboard iframw now allows token_auth but each widget inside it doesnt work it token_auth


I need to embed an dashboard iframe to a external website. At first, it prompts me with a Login box. However, when I tried to append the token_auth to the end of the URL. It display all the widgets but each of them says “No data for this table.” I guess the widgets inside the iframe dont recognize the token_auth.

The second bug i encounter with the dashboard iframe is the JS error found from Firebug:

lineHeight is undefined
Line 112


Permission denied for <link> to call method Location.toString on <link>.

Line 0

And the external site where i embed the iframe is from a different domain with my piwik installation.

Thanks for your effort

Thanks for the report I created a bug: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/1353

We haven’t tested dashboard with token_auth (was meant for widgets only, but it would make sense that the dasbhoard also works with it)

This bug has been fixed see the patch in: Dashboard & Sparklines should work when embedded with token_auth · Issue #1353 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub