VisitOverviewWithGraph widget bug

Hi i’m having a little bug with the widgets and the auth token when I’m embedding the Visits Overview (with graph)
in a website i’m working in, it doesn’t work unless i enable anonymous to view in Manage access or i’m logged in to piwik in another tab, it returns this message and the auth window
"You can’t access this resource as it requires an ‘view’ access for the website id = 9"
The other widgets work just fine
the url of my widget is as follows http://localhost:8088/piwik/index.php?module=Widgetize&action=iframe&containerId=VisitOverviewWithGraph&widget=1&moduleToWidgetize=CoreHome&actionToWidgetize=renderWidgetContainer&idSite=9&period=day&date=yesterday&disableLink=1&widget=1&token_auth=TOKEN

This is a fresh install of Piwik 3.0.0

I think its similar to Dashboard iframw now allows token_auth but each widget inside it doesnt work it token_auth

I thank you in advance for your help