Custom Report: extra rows added to


i created a custom report with the following settings:
Dimension: Page URL
Metric: Total number of internal searches
Filter: Number of internal searches is greater than 0 (zero)

I want to show all pages where local search action are done.
When I view this report I see also the URL’s of the pages where people are landed after they have searched. Next to that all numbers are +1 when a part of the URL is recognized by Matomo.
For example:

I think this is not correct, because the search action is done only on the first URL and not on the second one.
Has this something to do with Filter Page URLs by Segments or is my custom report not done correctly?


Can you try to add “Number of Internal Searches” under Dimension instead of Metric and check if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

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Thanks. This issue can be closed