Connector not showing correct data

I recently tried the connector and I have problems with the connector not showing the correct data.

I connected the page url report to LookerStudio and added a metric of Unique Pageviews, this metric seems to only show the the totals of Unique Pageviews of the index page, but not the other pages in the report from Matomo.

I also have problem with the Date (ISO Year Week) dimension, don’t really know how to explain it in a good way, but it shows the same week in the bar chart several times in a row. I think it sorts the data by day, but tries to visualize it by week, so it just looks really weird.

Looking forward to have this explained and/or solved :slight_smile:

Skärmavbild 2024-02-07 kl. 11.33.41

I solved my own problem using this guide:


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