Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated

I had piwik installed and running just fine… was installed like 2 months ago… can’t remember the version but it was the latest back then.

Anyway, trying to log into piwik now results in this php error:

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /usr/share/php5/Log.php on line 168

What should I do? If I install a new version, will the data I currently have, stay or get erased?


Can you update to 2.0.3-b3 by allowing beta, this should fix it, if not, let me know

what about the data I currently have? will it stay intact if I update?


Looks like I can’t grab the beta… I looked in the faq and it says I need to login to my piwik to enable beta access, but I can’t, because of the issue presented in the beginning of this thread. What do you suggest then? can I grab it from somewhere else? :slight_smile:

Anyone??? :frowning:

?? :S

You can grab it from: Index of /

Thanks, I already got it, installed it and mid-way of installing it comes up with the error I posted above. What should I do then?

Check all files are uploaded properly from the beta version, and then what error exactly do you get?

Something here is acting strange… I had a post above, from a week ago with the error I received while trying to install. How did it get deleted?

This is the error I was getting while trying to install 2.0.3 b3 a week ago:

Critical Error during the update process:
Error trying to execute the query 'ALTER TABLE piwik_log_visit ADD COLUMN  visit_total_events SMALLINT(5) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER visit_total_searches'.
The error was: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 ALTER TABLE causes auto_increment resequencing, resulting in duplicate entry '129' for key 'PRIMARY'

I can try b6 next, but I’m not sure that will solve it. It seems like it’s trying to upgrade the sql db to the new version and fails.

did you customize the table in the database? this error seems impossible to occur in a “Standard piwik db”

Do you use Phpmyadmin? i’m wondering what output of this command is:

SHOW INDEX FROM piwik_log_visit

Yes, the server where the website is hosted is using PMA 3.1.5. I never modified the table. Never.

please send output of this command: from phpmyadmin:

SHOW INDEX FROM piwik_log_visit

(or screenshot showing the full result) thanks

your message was empty?

No… I posted a screen shot… the forum is messing with the posts. A spam bot maybe?

maybe try “DELETE FROM piwik_log_visit WHERE idvisit=129”

and try again the update?

YES!!! that worked!!! :slight_smile:

However, it is b3 and until we solved it, latest is already b6, so do you advise on upgrading again or staying with b3 for the time being / until a new stable build comes out? I know the beta is already considered stable though.